Brainy Beds? Professor David Samson on Sleeping Platforms, Sleep Quality, and Thinking Speed, plus News!

Did our brains evolve as they have due to how we slept? In part, likely yes. In this episode of the humanOS Radio podcast, I speak with Professor David Samson about his research looking at primate sleeping platforms and their potential role to increase the cognitive abilities of certain great apes beyond the capacities of other primates. How does this connection work? The primates who create more comfortable beds for themselves appear to achieve substantial amounts of deep and REM sleep over the night. This is turn may have lead to the expansion of cognitive abilities over time. Can you benefit from the information shared in this discussion to improve your own sleep?

Infographic on bed sheets

I often get requests for people interested in doing a guest blog on Dan’s Plan or reposting something of theirs on our site. I always say no. Our blog is for our writing and work. Earlier today, however, I got an email from the folks at asking me to share an infographic they created on bed sheet fabrics. I have no affiliation with this company and hadn’t heard of them before today, but I found the infographic interesting and useful and thought our readers would too. Also, note that I am not an expert on bed sheets, but I am in support of fabrics that help regulate body temperature during sleep. I hope you find this interesting and useful as I did.