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humanOS Has Integrated with Moves App (Smartphone Step Counter / Activity Tracker)!

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We’re pleased to announce that we have integrated with the smartphone app called Moves. This app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android phones. Once downloaded and configured, it works like a pedometer to collect your daily step count as you carry your phone with you across the day. Recently, Moves upgraded their product to Moves 2.0, which provides a very nice experience, consistent with the iOS7 flat design style. Here is a screenshot of my steps from yesterday:


Check out the featured Dan’s Plan page on the Moves Connected Apps site.


Integration with Dan’s Plan
Integrating Moves with Dan’s Plan means that the app will automatically track your daily steps and send that information to Dan’s Plan to update your Health Zone Score, which helps you be mindful of daily lifestyle, including low-intensity physical activity (captured by daily step count).


Getting Started

1. Download Moves to your phone.

2. Create a Moves account.

3. Go to your Dan’s Plan Dashboard.

4. Click “Synch Apps & Devices” and follow the set up wizard.

Total time: 2-3 min.



Moves automatically tracks daily steps, then updates your step total and Health Zone Score on Dan’s Plan.





















Should I also integrate the Moves App even if I have a Fitbit integrated with Dan’s Plan already?
Yes. Once you do this, you will have a backup step counter working at all times, which means that your Dan’s Plan Step Tracker score will always be up to date, even if you leave your Fitbit at home, or if it runs out of battery.