Fresh spring produce – how to grow or buy your own

Spring is here and that means that we’re getting pumped about the fresh, seasonal produce that will soon be coming from our gardens, farmers markets, and CSAs. Whether you prefer to get your hands dirty and grow your own or buy your produce through a market or CSA, we have a few links for you to get ready for the season.

Growing your own

The folks over at Fine Gardening have a series of videos on how to start a vegetable garden. Topics include: selecting a sitetesting the soilremoving sod and vegetationbuilding raised bedsstarting seeds indoorsdirect sowing of vegetable seeds; and planting out.

They also offer this four-part series on starting plants from seed. Together, these are great gardening resources.

Buying your own

We don’t always have the time, space, or climate to grow everything that we would like. Fortunately, there is a rich variety of farmers markets and CSAs across the country that provide fresh local produce. So, how does someone get started?

First, the folks at Local Harvest maintain a database of farmers markets across the country. Check this link to read more and to search for a market near you.

Second, you might find enrolling in a CSA to be an attractive option for getting a regular variety of produce and for supporting your local farmers. If you’re not familiar with CSAs or haven’t enrolled in one before, read this article on questions that you might ask yourself before joining a CSA. If you’re still interested, this article offers a few questions that you might ask a prospective CSA before signing up.

Happy Spring!