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Help Get More Standing Desks in Schools


Kids need movement to support their health, brain development, and academic performance. But, between the elimination of PE programs to video games that use the most powerful engagement tricks to keep kids locked to a controller (literally controlling them), the statistics on kids and physical activity are bleak. One easy and effective way to improve the situation is for schools to have standing desk options for the kids. Below, I’ll describe how you can help today.


The Research is Clear

In the last year, I’ve published several articles describing the incredible benefits of physical activity on brain health and thinking abilities. I’ve described which exercise intensity can improve brain performance right now, and even how exercise helps you learn. I’ve also interviewed several leaders in this field to discuss these subjects (Professor Buman, Professor Saunders). While I’ve discussed the benefits that come from different intensities of exercise, here are just a few things standing desks have been shown to help with:

  1. Weight control 12
  2. Energy management by the body
  3. Productivity

Stand Up Kids

I’m proud to say that I’ve recently joined the Board of Directors for The mission of this great organization, which was founded by Juliet and Kelly Starrett, is to get every public school child at a standing desk in 10 years. Check out this 1-minute video:

You can help

Our collective goal is to raise $50,000 for standing desks in high-poverty public schools between now and January 5, 2017.


My personal goal is to raise $3000 to contribute to this purpose. Please consider donating $10 (about two cups of overpriced coffee) to the cause. You can even make this donation in the name of someone you love. I donated in the name of my father, John Pardi.

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Thank you for considering giving a few bucks to this great organization. Your contributions will go directly towards standing desks, and together, we can really make a difference!

Healthy bodies. Healthy minds. Healthy societies.