Interview with Carl Lanore at Superhuman Radio

Hey folks,

Recently, I did another interview with Carl Lanore at Superhuman Radio.

Listen here:

2013.09.19 – Dan Pardi on Superhuman Radio show with Carl Lanore by Dansplan on Mixcloud

Carl and I had a chance to catch up at the Ancestral Health Symposium in Atlanta last August. He and his crew were nice enough to attend my talk on sleep and afterwards we scheduled this interview to discuss:

  1. Adenosine: how it accumulates in the basal forebrain proportional to length of wakefulness and how coffee blocks adenosine’s sleep inducing action by blocking it at its receptor.
  2. Light: how light of insufficient intensity during the day, and full spectrum (blue light, in particular) can delay our circadian rhythms causing both physiological and behavior issues.
  3. Modern sleep – as a society, why are we getting 20% less sleep than we were 50 years ago.
  4. A 2-process model controlling sleep and wakefulness
  5. The Dan’s Plan Ideal Weight Program (2.0 is live now. Expect a blog post on this soon).

Thanks Carl! I always enjoy our talks. Enjoy the show, everyone.