Radio Interview at Impruvism: How Sleep Relates to Weight Regulation

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Recently, I was on the Impruvism radio show with Armi Legge, a competitive triathlete and health blogger. Armi has done a nice job assembling a scientific advisory board for his website, which sets him apart from many others. We discussed various ways that sleep affects weight regulation, including a discussion on:

  1. How sleep loss influences hormones related to energy regulation, like leptin and ghrelin.
  2. How sleep and sleep loss influences aspects of cognition, like information processing, memory, mood, and decision making.
  3. Things to try to do across a 24 hour period in order to get good sleep at night, like our concept of “smart light rhythms” and actionable sleep steps.

Listen here:

2013.07.12 – Impruvism Podcast with Dan Pardi – How to lose fat by getting better sleep by Dansplan on Mixcloud


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