Radio Interview with Dr. Lauren Noel Talking Tips to Sleep Well

Back in May of this year, Dr. Lauren Noel and I sat on a sleep and circadian rhythm panel at Paleo FX in Austin. After the conference, she invited me to be on her radio show and last week we sat down for a chat about sleep. I really enjoyed her interview style and we covered some excellent topics, including:

1. How sleep and wake are regulated

2. How light entering through the eye effects biological rhythms throughout the body.

3. Insomina

4. How sleep effects cognition, mood and memory.

5. The Dan’s Plan approach to living as a “Restorative Sleeper”


Thanks for having me on the show, Dr. Lo!

Listen here:

2013.07.16 – Dan Pardi Interviewed by Dr. Lauren Noel Talking Sleep by Dansplan on Mixcloud