Talking Sleep on Dr. Amy Myers’ Radio Show

Hi All,

Last Friday, I was on a radio show with Amy Myers, MD and John Rosania. Amy and I meet at PaleoFX conference in Austin last March. We had a chance to talk sleep and she thought it would be interesting for her listeners to move our conversation to her radio show.

Among other things, we talked about:

  1. Regularly used sleep aids: Melatonin, 5-HTP, and magnesium.
  2. Standard and novel sleep drugs, and the different mechanism of action these drugs use to enhance sleep.
  3. How light effects circadian rhythms and ways you can use smart light exposure to synchronize biological clocks.
  4. The Dan’s Plan concept of a Restorative Sleeper, which is the frameworks and tools we developed to help you get great sleep night after night.

Listen here:

2013.06.24 – Podcast with Dr. Amy Myers and Dan Pardi – How to get great sleep by Dansplan on Mixcloud